Employee Benefit Services

Benefits are important for companies of all sizes and their employees.  Most benefits include the standard health, life, and 401K packages and it can be difficult to find other benefits that stand out.  ReaLogic works with companies that offer innovative legal and identity theft protection plans that address issues that are in demand today.

Identity theft is currently one of the top crimes committed in the US and around the world.  This crime has affected millions of people a year.  If your employee is a victim of this crime, it could cost thousands of dollars to restore their identity.  It could also result in lost hours and distractions on the job.  This identity theft protection plan monitors and restores an employee’s identity.  Your staff will not have the worry about their credit and can concentrate on the job.

Other plans include legal benefits that are also in high demand today.  Just about everyone will need legal services from time to time, but actually getting legal help is too expensive and too much hassle.  When these types of issues come up with an employee, they can also cause distractions.  These benefits provide legal consultation, will preparation, and protections on a variety of other legal matters.

These plans are of no cost to your company and none of these services can be used against your organization in any way; they are strictly for your employee and their family’s personal use.  Your company, however, benefits in numerous ways by offering these plans to your employees.

  • Innovative benefits for your employees
  • Expanded benefit plan over competitors
  • No cost to your company
  • Less Employee Downtime
  • Peace of Mind to your Employees
  • Higher employee retention

ReaLogic also takes care of all logistics, from enrolling and reviewing benefits with your employees to answering questions for both your employees and payroll representatives.